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7/10/24 12:23 PM Sports Business

Gen Z Loves Women’s Sports

One other key change that’s happening in sports as the space shifts to include more women, is a change to who are the core customers of sports - aka fans. Specifically when it comes to women’s sports, fans are skewing much younger than ever before. ...
5/31/24 10:45 AM Sports Business

2024 Women’s Sports Trends Report

Examine the key trends propelling growth in women's sports in 2024. From league expansions to innovative merchandise and significant brand interventions, this report outlines the future and emerging investment opportunities in the evolving women’s ...
5/13/24 3:21 PM Athlete Spotlight

When to Grit and When to Quit

Erin told her parents she wanted to be an Olympian when she was just six years old. Trusting their daughter’s intuition, Erin’s parents put her in ballet and gymnastics, which gave her an early taste for discipline and body awareness, both of which ...
4/3/24 2:54 PM Athlete Spotlight

I Chose to Represent My “Other” Country

I heard so many people say, “You took the easy road out to make the Nigerian Olympic team, because Team USA is one of the hardest teams to make in the world.” Let’s dissect that real quick. They aren’t wrong about Team USA being one of the hardest ...
3/27/24 11:36 AM Athlete Spotlight

Body Dysmorphia in the Female Athlete

Body dysmorphia is a preoccupation with perceived flaws in appearance, which can significantly impact daily functioning and well-being. I feel it’s worse than it’s ever been with social media in general, where it’s part of an athlete's job to post ...
3/25/24 5:07 PM Athlete Spotlight

The Lonely World of Women's Outdoor Sports

When it comes to outdoor and extreme sports, women often find themselves at the top of a game few are playing. They’ve become so specialized that sharing a workout with someone becomes really tricky: often, to train with other women is to pump the ...
2/28/24 3:02 PM Athlete Spotlight

Ladies, Start Your Engines

In some ways Erika arrived at that moment: she was seated in a McLaren GT4, racing professionally in Europe, being invited onto podcasts and finally recognized for the talent she’d felt in her fingers during that first race in the parking lot. On ...
2/21/24 4:05 PM Athlete Spotlight

The Bittersweet Journey of an Olympic Hopeful

The hopefulness though often fades after morning. I look at my expenses and training, and all I see is how far behind I am and how many obstacles are in my way. I feel in my heart I am part of the Olympic movement as an Olympic hopeful, but the way ...
2/14/24 11:00 AM Athlete Spotlight

The Fairytale of Finding Love

Some of us playing abroad have found our Prince Charming. For most of us, and especially those with melanated skin, choosing to pursue our career is like being locked in an ivory tower – the prospect of finding love is slim to none.
2/6/24 10:35 AM Athlete Spotlight

The Best Football Players You've Never Heard Of

Highlighting the overlooked history of women in American football, this narrative reveals the enduring spirit and breakthroughs of women who have defied conventions to play, coach, and lead in a sport entwined with masculine identity. It spotlights ...
1/25/24 12:01 PM Athlete Spotlight

Competing in My First X Games at 34 Years Old

There used to be a stigma around women's snowboarding that once you hit 30, you either get dropped by your sponsors or you strictly ride powder because you're too old for those kinds of things, and you should make sure you don’t get hurt in case you ...
1/19/24 1:19 PM Athlete Spotlight

Don’t Call Me An Olympian

In this blog, Sosha Lewis illuminates the journey and achievements of Emma Schieck, a gold medalist in sitting volleyball at the 2020 Summer Paralympics. Schieck emphasizes the importance of recognizing and valuing Paralympians for their unique ...
12/20/23 10:37 AM Sponsorship

Top 4 Highest-Paying Sports for Women in 2023

A comprehensive look at the top 4 highest-paying women’s sports in 2023! From Golf's impressive earnings to the thrilling strides in Tennis, Basketball, and Ice Hockey, we explore the triumphs and challenges in closing the gender pay gap. Join us as ...
12/4/23 4:01 PM Brand Marketing

The Top 10 Moments From Parity Week

Join us for a recap of Parity Week by Gainbridge®, a celebration of women's sports with Billie Jean King, Annika Sorenstam, and Lyn St. James. From empowering discussions to exhilarating tennis and golf events, discover the top 10 moments that ...
10/11/23 2:50 PM Athlete Spotlight

Hanging on to the Glass Cliff

Delve into the challenging world of sports leadership amid crisis, as illustrated through Spain's national team upheaval. This piece questions systemic biases and reveals the pervasive issues women face in leadership roles, particularly during ...
10/6/23 12:48 PM Athlete Spotlight

Why Do WNBA Players Play Overseas?

Despite their impressive skills and dedication, WNBA athletes navigate through financial challenges, often seeking opportunities in overseas leagues for better remuneration and treatment. Unveil the numeric breakdown of their incomes, the ...
9/28/23 11:32 AM Equality

The Double-Edged Sword of NIL

Exploring the implications of NCAA's NIL rule: While the policy brings financial gains for college athletes, especially in football and basketball, it amplifies existing disparities in sports funding. Dive into how this impacts women athletes and ...
8/18/23 10:00 AM Athlete Spotlight

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Woman Athlete?

Challenging a 2021 claim that women athletes don't deserve equal pay, this article delves into the deep financial contributions and influence of female athletes on their sport's microeconomy. By spotlighting the expenses they shoulder and the ...
8/16/23 10:30 AM Influencers 101

WTF is Rule 40?

Unravel the complexities of Rule 40 and its implications for Olympic and Paralympic marketing. In this how-to, discover how brand marketers can collaborate with women athletes amidst restrictions, leveraging their impact for powerful campaigns ...
2/28/22 10:46 PM Athlete Spotlight

Naya Tapper is on fire

Olympic rugby sevens player Naya Tapper met with Parity ahead of her NFT drop to talk her journey into the sport & the importance of Black History Month...
9/30/21 8:00 PM Brand Marketing

Sedona's top 5 tips for building your brand

Over the past year I have learned so much from social media - how to present myself online, what defines good content, and most importantly what are the best ways to relate to fans. I have built my social media following to millions while building a ...