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Alana CasnerFebruary 7, 2024 at 9:45 AM3 min read

Tampa Bay Sun FC Names Parity Official Development Partner to Expand Sponsorship Opportunities and Professional Development for Club and Team Players

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New York, NY and Tampa, FL, February 7, 2023 – In celebration of National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) today, Parity, the sports marketing and sponsorship platform dedicated to closing the gender income and opportunity gap in professional sports, has announced a new partnership with Tampa Bay Sun FC, Tampa Bay’s new women’s professional soccer team, to share their suite of services with the organization’s athletes. This collaboration makes Parity the official Development Partner of Tampa Bay Sun FC and marks a significant milestone towards empowering women athletes in the USL by enhancing their visibility and driving additional revenue opportunities leading into the team's much-anticipated inaugural season. 

As part of the partnership, Parity will host tailored informational sessions with Tampa Bay Sun players, providing insights into the expansive benefits of the platform. Athletes interested in maximizing their potential will have the opportunity to seamlessly onboard onto the Parity network, unlocking a myriad of sponsorship opportunities and gaining access to ongoing professional development training exclusively available through the Parity platform and network. Tampa Bay Sun athletes will also be immersed in Parity's vibrant fan community and network of esteemed brand partners. This collaboration emphasizes the shared values of inclusivity, empowerment, and equity for women athletes.


“In forging this innovative partnership with Tampa Bay Sun FC, we are not just elevating the team and its players, but pioneering a transformative model for the future of women's sports across teams and leagues,” says Leela Srinivasan, CEO of Parity. “Tampa Bay Sun athletes will benefit from Parity’s engaged fan community and network of brand partners that values inclusivity, empowerment and equity for women athletes. Our collaboration sets a powerful example, showcasing how strategic alliances can redefine the women’s sports landscape, providing athletes with unprecedented opportunities for visibility, growth and success.”


“Today marks an incredible milestone for the Tampa Bay Sun FC as we announce our partnership with Parity. This collaboration represents our unwavering commitment to the advancement of women's professional soccer and women athletes. With Parity's expertise, we are poised to secure sponsors that will empower our players and generate increased brand awareness for our players' brands and the club,” says Christina Unkel, President of Tampa Bay Sun FC. “Together, we will forge a path of equity and opportunity, ensuring that our athletes receive the recognition and support they truly deserve.”


Tampa Bay Sun FC is poised to make a historic debut in Tampa, Florida, August 2024. The collaboration between Parity and Tampa Bay Sun FC reinforces a shared commitment to fostering a landscape where women athletes can thrive both on and off the field.


About Parity

Minority-founded in 2020, Parity is a sports marketing and sponsorship platform dedicated to closing the gender income and opportunity gap in professional sports. By developing high-impact collaborations between brands, professional women athletes and their fans, Parity has proudly put millions of dollars in the pockets of women athletes, attracting dozens of brands to the movement in the process. The platform connects brands like Microsoft, Morgan Stanley and Strava to more than 1000 women athletes from 75+ sports, including well over 250 Olympians and Paralympians. For more information on how to tap into the rapidly rising influence and popularity of women athletes, visi or follow us on InstagramLinkedInFacebookX (formerly Twitter) and Threads

About Tampa Bay Sun FC

Tampa Bay Sun Football Club is a professional top-tier women’s soccer team set to kick off in Tampa, Florida in August 2024. The team will play in a waterfront stadium on the Hillsborough River in Downtown Tampa. Including Tampa Bay, the USL Super League’s inaugural season will launch with eight markets, with additional markets joining in subsequent seasons. USL Super League has committed to U.S. Soccer’s Division One standards, reflecting its collective vision to be a global leader in women’s soccer on and off the field while providing more opportunities for more women in more communities. Childhood friends and local business leaders Darryl Shaw, David Laxer, and Jeff Fox serve as owners of the team. To stay connected with Tampa Bay’s new team and sign up for updates, visit


Alana Casner

Alana Casner works at Parity as Vice President of Content & Strategy. Her background includes 15 years of content creation and digital partnership experience. Prior to joining Parity in 2021, she served as Director of Creative Strategy at The Players' Tribune, a role in which she focused on cornerstone activism initiatives like women in sport, LGBTQIA+, mental health and more. As a multi-sport collegiate athlete while at Pomona College, she competed as starting point guard and also in Track and Field.