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7/10/24 12:23 PM Sports Business

Gen Z Loves Women’s Sports

One other key change that’s happening in sports as the space shifts to include more women, is a change to who are the core customers of sports - aka fans. Specifically when it comes to women’s sports, fans are skewing much younger than ever before. ...
5/31/24 10:45 AM Sports Business

2024 Women’s Sports Trends Report

Examine the key trends propelling growth in women's sports in 2024. From league expansions to innovative merchandise and significant brand interventions, this report outlines the future and emerging investment opportunities in the evolving women’s ...
5/13/24 3:21 PM Athlete Spotlight

When to Grit and When to Quit

Erin told her parents she wanted to be an Olympian when she was just six years old. Trusting their daughter’s intuition, Erin’s parents put her in ballet and gymnastics, which gave her an early taste for discipline and body awareness, both of which ...