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Alana Casner

Alana Casner works at Parity as Vice President of Content & Strategy. Her background includes 15 years of content creation and digital partnership experience. Prior to joining Parity in 2021, she served as Director of Creative Strategy at The Players' Tribune, a role in which she focused on cornerstone activism initiatives like women in sport, LGBTQIA+, mental health and more. As a multi-sport collegiate athlete while at Pomona College, she competed as starting point guard and also in Track and Field.

Blog Post by Alana Casner

Alana Casner Feb 29, 2024 12:49:57 PM

Women’s Football Alliance Names Parity Official Development Partner to Expand Sponsorship Opportunities and Professional Development for League and Players

Parity partners with the Women’s Football Alliance to amplify sponsorship and development opportunities, enhancing visibility and revenue for women’s football. As the Official Development Partner, Parity's services will support WFA athletes and the league, promoting professional growth and showcasing the sport's potential as women’s football gains momentum towards the Olympic stage. This partnership underscores the shared vision of both organizations to elevate women's sports and provide athletes with the tools for success both on and off the field.
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Alana Casner Feb 13, 2024 10:15:00 AM

Meet the 1,000 Women Athletes Working with Parity

Discover one of Parity's monumental achievements: uniting 1000 women athletes in a vibrant celebration of diversity, talent, and empowerment in sports. In this infographic, explore their stories, achievements, and the future of partnerships in women's sports with Parity.
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Alana Casner Feb 7, 2024 9:45:00 AM

Tampa Bay Sun FC Names Parity Official Development Partner to Expand Sponsorship Opportunities and Professional Development for Club and Team Players

Parity partners with Tampa Bay Sun FC to empower women athletes, celebrating National Girls and Women in Sports Day with a focus on closing the gender gap in professional sports. This collaboration aims to enhance visibility and revenue opportunities for Tampa Bay Sun players, showcasing a commitment to inclusivity, empowerment, and equity in the USL ahead of their 2024 debut.
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Alana Casner Nov 20, 2023 12:59:52 PM

ZenToes Joins Forces with Parity to Elevate Women in Sports

ZenToes, renowned for its foot care products, joins forces with Parity, a brand sponsorship platform aimed at closing the gender gap in sports. This partnership, involving collaboration with women athletes across diverse sports, is a stride towards empowering women in sports. As a women-owned business, ZenToes aligns its holistic product range with the needs of female athletes, underlining a shared commitment to enhancing women's presence and recognition in the sports arena.
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Alana Casner Oct 27, 2023 10:12:19 AM

Gainbridge® Launches "Parity Week by Gainbridge" to Celebrate Women's Sports Icons

Parity Week by Gainbridge® celebrates women's sports icons like Billie Jean King, Annika Sorenstam, and Lyn St. James from Nov 6-12, with 180 athletes competing for almost $13M. This initiative underscores Gainbridge's commitment to gender equality, opportunity in sports, and bridging the income gap for women athletes.
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Alana Casner Oct 24, 2023 4:06:08 PM

Parity Bolsters Team with Industry Veterans Devon Krivec and Marianne Schroer

Parity welcomes industry stalwarts Devon Krivec as Head of Product and Marianne Schroer as Director of Marketing. Schroer, with her vast sports marketing background and leadership in WISE, will drive transformative partnerships with elite women athletes, while Krivec leverages his experience in B2B and B2C tech to innovate and advance Parity’s product offerings.
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Alana Casner Oct 16, 2023 10:48:49 AM

Parity and The Brandr Group Launch Expansive Partnership to Create New Sponsorship Opportunities for Women Athletes

Explore a groundbreaking partnership between Parity and The Brandr Group, innovating sponsorship opportunities for women athletes across collegiate and professional sports. Bridging the gender income and opportunity gap, this collaboration empowers women athletes, offering brands unique, impactful collaborations across diverse, engaged fan bases.
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Alana Casner Aug 31, 2023 11:40:50 AM

PBX Pickleball Names Parity as an Official Partner and Signs Notable Women Olympians and Retired Pro Athletes for Inaugural Season

Parity and PBX Pickleball, a new organization that unites the pickleball community with retired professional athletes, today announced that Parity has been named as an official partner to drive women athlete participation in PBX events.
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Alana Casner May 9, 2023 9:01:21 AM

Parity Appoints Leela Srinivasan as CEO

Seasoned executive and three-time CMO of high-growth companies joins to lead Parity through its next phase.
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Alana Casner Feb 27, 2023 10:00:00 AM

5 creative marketing ideas to grow your brand with pro athletes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to partnering with women’s sports influencers to promote your brand. Read on for helpful marketing ideas and examples.
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Alana Casner Jan 6, 2023 7:00:00 PM

5 ways your brand can work with Parity

Last year, deals for women’s sports leagues and teams went up by 21%, while deals with individual female athletes increased by 18%. At Parity, we expertly...
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Alana Casner Sep 15, 2022 10:20:00 PM

5 benefits of partnering with elite women athletes

More brands are taking notice of the marketing value of women's sports and female athletes. Learn how brands benefit from the increase in awareness and ROI.
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