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Alana CasnerOctober 16, 2023 at 10:48 AM3 min read

Parity and The Brandr Group Launch Expansive Partnership to Create New Sponsorship Opportunities for Women Athletes

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Both Organizations Will Help Drive Activations for Thousands of Athletes Across Professional, Collegiate Sports


(Ponte Verda, FL), October 12, 2023 – Parity, the platform dedicated to closing the gender income and opportunity gap in professional sports, and The Brandr Group (“TBG”), the industry leader in college group rights for Name, Image and Likeness (“NIL”), have announced an innovative partnership focused on creating additional opportunities for women athletes at both the professional and collegiate levels to partner with companies and brands.

Parity was founded to address the equity gap in women’s sports, which have soared in popularity but struggled to keep pace in compensation. The company focuses on creating income opportunities for the 850+ professional women athletes on its platform by connecting them with a host of brands seeking trusted ambassadors, innovative campaigns, keynote speakers and enhanced marketing reach.

TBG is a brand management, marketing and licensing agency that manages, administers and creates group rights opportunities on behalf of the student-athletes at more than 85 colleges and universities. With decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s largest brands, TBG has previously managed group rights programs for the NFL, NBA, MLB and the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team players associations in college. 

This partnership brings together the specialized knowledge and experience of both organizations, creating a holistic approach to serve women athletes at different stages of their careers and providing companies the unique opportunity to activate with both professional and collegiate women athletes.


"Women's sports offer a rapidly growing and underexplored market at both the collegiate and professional level,” says Leela Srinivasan, CEO of Parity. “Our partnership with The Brandr Group recognizes the immense potential and marketability of women athletes throughout the various stages of their careers. By working with both collegiate and professional women athletes, brands will have an array of opportunities to connect with these athletes and tap into their diverse and engaged fan bases while also effectively helping to close the gender pay and opportunity gap in sports."


“One of the most exciting developments in NIL has been the remarkable success of women athletes in cultivating their own personal brands and becoming powerful marketers,” said Loren Shealy, Vice President of Sales for Women’s Athletics with TBG. “We believe the partnership with Parity will pave the way to unlock opportunities for women athletes at different stages of their careers and create unique access for brand partners to work with both collegiate and professional women athletes.”


About Parity

Minority-founded in 2020, Parity's mission is to close the gender income and opportunity gap in professional sports. By developing high-impact collaborations between brands, professional women athletes and their fans, Parity has proudly put more than $2 million in the pockets of women athletes, attracting dozens of brands to the movement in the process. The platform offers connections to more than 850 women athletes from 70+ sports, including well over 200 Olympians and Paralympians. For more information on how to tap into the rapidly rising influence and popularity of women athletes, visi or follow us on InstagramLinkedInFacebookX (formerly Twitter) and Threads

About The Brandr Group

The Brandr Group is a brand management, marketing and licensing agency powered by a team with decades of collective management experience for some of the world’s largest brands. TBG has emerged as the leading agency in group rights programs, leading efforts for more than 85 college athletic programs and their student athletes in the Name, Image and Likeness category including the biggest brands in college athletics. The Brandr Group partners with prominent brands, colleges, sponsors, corporate trademarks, athletes and events to cultivate, diversify and monetize intellectual property through professional brand management and licensing endeavors. For more information, please visit


Alana Casner

Alana Casner works at Parity as Vice President of Content & Strategy. Her background includes 15 years of content creation and digital partnership experience. Prior to joining Parity in 2021, she served as Director of Creative Strategy at The Players' Tribune, a role in which she focused on cornerstone activism initiatives like women in sport, LGBTQIA+, mental health and more. As a multi-sport collegiate athlete while at Pomona College, she competed as starting point guard and also in Track and Field.



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