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Ashley MitchellMarch 3, 2022 at 11:51 PM1 min read

Parity athletes bring home 26 medals from 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games

Kaillie Humphries, of the United States (r.) and teammate Elana Meyers Taylor celebrate winning the gold and silver medals in the women’s monobob.

Photo: Kaillie Humphries of the United States (r.) and teammate Elana Meyers Taylor celebrate winning the gold and silver medals in the women’s monobob. (AP)

More than 50 Parity athletes, representing six countries and 10 sports, competed at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, February 4-27. From Elana Meyers Taylor becoming the most decorated Black athlete in Winter Games history to Team Canada's inspiring ice hockey gold, 

24 Parity athletes brought home 26 Olympic medals.

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Team USA
  1. Kaillie Humphries - GOLD Bobsled - Monobob
  2. Elana Meyers Taylor - SILVER Bobsled - Monobob and BRONZE in 2-woman Bobsled
  3. Sylvia Hoffman - BRONZE in 2-woman Bobsled
  4. Karen Chen - SILVER Team Figure Skating
  5. Madison Hubbell - SILVER Team Figure Skating and BRONZE in Ice Dance
  6. Alex Cavallini - SILVER Ice Hockey
  7. Hannah Brandt - SILVER Ice Hockey
  8. Kendall Coyne Schofield - SILVER Ice Hockey
  9. Brianna Decker - SILVER Ice Hockey
  10. Jincy Dunne - SILVER Ice Hockey
  11. Nicole Hensley - SILVER Ice Hockey
  12. Maddie Rooney - SILVER Ice Hockey
  13. Hayley Scamurra - SILVER Ice Hockey
Team Canada
  1. Christine de Bruin - BRONZE Bobsled - Monobob
  2. Kristen Campbell - GOLD Ice Hockey
  3. Brianne Jenner - GOLD Ice Hockey
  4. Renata Fast - GOLD Ice Hockey
  5. Erin Ambrose - GOLD Ice Hockey
  6. Emerance Maschmeyer - GOLD Ice Hockey
  7. Melodie Daoust - GOLD Ice Hockey
  8. Rebecca Johnston - GOLD Ice Hockey
  9. Jill Saulnier - GOLD Ice Hockey
  10. Blayre Turnbull - GOLD Ice Hockey
Team Australia
  1. Jackie Narracot - SILVER Skeleton

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Ashley Mitchell

Ashley Mitchell works at Parity as Director of Marketing and Communications. Her background includes a decade of experience working in sports communications and public relations.



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