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November 21, 2023 at 2:52 PM

Clicks, Shares & Hearts: Social Media is Closing the Women’s Sports Coverage Gap

Women's sports are narrowing the visibility gap by harnessing social media, skillfully creating exposure where traditional media lags. This is more than just self-promotion for these women athletes; it's a call to action for media outlets to step up ...
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November 20, 2023 at 12:59 PM

ZenToes Joins Forces with Parity to Elevate Women in Sports

ZenToes, renowned for its foot care products, joins forces with Parity, a brand sponsorship platform aimed at closing the gender gap in sports. This partnership, involving collaboration with women athletes across diverse sports, is a stride towards ...
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November 15, 2023 at 3:41 PM

Hot Trend Alert: Women’s Lacrosse is on the Rise

Discover the dynamic rise of women's lacrosse through a comprehensive ecosystem, spanning youth to professional levels, which is driving significant growth in the sport. Gain insights from industry experts and athletes, understand the influence of ...
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October 27, 2023 at 3:05 PM

11 Easy Steps to Invest in Women’s Sports: The Complete Guide for Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

Explore the dynamic realm of women's sports investment with our 11-step guide designed for growing businesses. Tap into new markets, champion gender equality, and establish a meaningful presence in a rapidly evolving sector.
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October 24, 2023 at 4:06 PM

Parity Bolsters Team with Industry Veterans Devon Krivec and Marianne Schroer

Parity welcomes industry stalwarts Devon Krivec as Head of Product and Marianne Schroer as Director of Marketing. Schroer, with her vast sports marketing background and leadership in WISE, will drive transformative partnerships with elite women ...
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October 19, 2023 at 10:44 AM

“No One Cares About Women’s Sports” And Other Lies

Revealing the reality of women's sports - find out why the old myths don't hold up and how women's sports are gaining momentum and breaking boundaries. These facts are sure to drive change.
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October 16, 2023 at 10:48 AM

Parity and The Brandr Group Launch Expansive Partnership to Create New Sponsorship Opportunities for Women Athletes

Explore a groundbreaking partnership between Parity and The Brandr Group, innovating sponsorship opportunities for women athletes across collegiate and professional sports. Bridging the gender income and opportunity gap, this collaboration empowers ...
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October 11, 2023 at 2:50 PM

Hanging on to the Glass Cliff

Delve into the challenging world of sports leadership amid crisis, as illustrated through Spain's national team upheaval. This piece questions systemic biases and reveals the pervasive issues women face in leadership roles, particularly during ...
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October 10, 2023 at 7:14 AM

Barbie, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and the Inevitable Prosperity of Women’s Sports

Dive into the economic surge powered by women, with Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, and Barbie making a staggering impact on the U.S. economy. Witness the unfolding prosperity in women's sports, propelled by strategic focus on female consumers, while ...
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October 6, 2023 at 12:48 PM

Why Do WNBA Players Play Overseas?

Despite their impressive skills and dedication, WNBA athletes navigate through financial challenges, often seeking opportunities in overseas leagues for better remuneration and treatment. Unveil the numeric breakdown of their incomes, the ...
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September 29, 2023 at 2:05 PM

How to Maximize Your Sports Sponsorship Impact

Many brands waste sports sponsorship dollars on non-strategic partnerships. As athlete collaboration choices reflect your brand's long-term vision, are you ensuring every dollar counts?
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September 28, 2023 at 11:32 AM

The Double-Edged Sword of NIL

Exploring the implications of NCAA's NIL rule: While the policy brings financial gains for college athletes, especially in football and basketball, it amplifies existing disparities in sports funding. Dive into how this impacts women athletes and ...
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