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Elizabeth Montavon

Elizabeth Montavon works at Parity as Director of Athlete Marketing and Social Media. Elizabeth has a lengthy resume in marketing and joined Parity for the opportunity to help close the pay gap in sports – and to give women athletes more autonomy and power over their careers in the process. She is a professional waterskier and 9-time national champion, U.S. Open champion and Pan-American games champion.

Blog Post by Elizabeth Montavon

Elizabeth Montavon Feb 1, 2024 5:52:16 PM

Empowering Insights: A Roundup of Top Moments from Our “Playbook for Brands to Win in Women's Sports” Webinar

From authenticity as a game-changer to the power of short-form videos, compelling narratives, and impactful athlete-brand collaborations, gain insights from industry experts like Jessica Spencer and Heather Saldivar of Superfeet, pro golfer Shasta Averyhardt, and Caroline Fitzgerald of GOALS. Learn how authentic connections, content creation, and strategic partnerships drive success in women's sports marketing.
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Elizabeth Montavon Dec 20, 2023 10:37:31 AM

Top 4 Highest-Paying Sports for Women in 2023

A comprehensive look at the top 4 highest-paying women’s sports in 2023! From Golf's impressive earnings to the thrilling strides in Tennis, Basketball, and Ice Hockey, we explore the triumphs and challenges in closing the gender pay gap. Join us as we uncover the emerging trends in Cricket and shifts in Soccer, Pickleball and more.
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Elizabeth Montavon Dec 4, 2023 4:01:09 PM

The Top 10 Moments From Parity Week

Join us for a recap of Parity Week by Gainbridge®, a celebration of women's sports with Billie Jean King, Annika Sorenstam, and Lyn St. James. From empowering discussions to exhilarating tennis and golf events, discover the top 10 moments that defined this week of sports, celebration, and a major step towards gender parity in sports, complete with engaging videos and memorable highlights.
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Elizabeth Montavon Nov 22, 2023 10:34:48 AM

Top Holiday Gifts for Women's Sports Fans: Your Ultimate Guide for 2023

Discover the perfect holiday gifts for women's sports fans in our comprehensive 2023 guide. From exclusive merchandise to must-have accessories, find unique ideas to surprise and delight every sports enthusiast.
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Elizabeth Montavon Oct 27, 2023 3:05:00 PM

11 Easy Steps to Invest in Women’s Sports: The Complete Guide for Small-to-Medium Size Businesses

Explore the dynamic realm of women's sports investment with our 11-step guide designed for growing businesses. Tap into new markets, champion gender equality, and establish a meaningful presence in a rapidly evolving sector.
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Elizabeth Montavon Sep 29, 2023 2:05:49 PM

How to Maximize Your Sports Sponsorship Impact

Many brands waste sports sponsorship dollars on non-strategic partnerships. As athlete collaboration choices reflect your brand's long-term vision, are you ensuring every dollar counts?
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Elizabeth Montavon Aug 18, 2023 10:00:00 AM

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Woman Athlete?

Challenging a 2021 claim that women athletes don't deserve equal pay, this article delves into the deep financial contributions and influence of female athletes on their sport's microeconomy. By spotlighting the expenses they shoulder and the economic ripple effects they create, this piece underscores the value and worth of women in sports, not just as performers but as potent economic drivers.
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Elizabeth Montavon Jul 25, 2023 10:12:50 AM

How to Show Up for Women's Sports in the Right Way

Women's sports are currently experiencing a remarkable surge in popularity and sponsorship, marking a significant turning point for gender equality in the sporting world. With increased media coverage, growing fan engagement, and corporate sponsorships, it's crucial for individuals and brands to support and promote women's sports in the right way.
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Elizabeth Montavon Jul 20, 2023 2:25:22 PM

An Open Letter to Injured Athletes

To anyone coming back from injury: You will climb out of the pit.
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Elizabeth Montavon Jun 2, 2023 10:39:20 AM

Parity Impact Report 2020 - 2022

We've partnered with dynamic brands on impactful marketing campaigns and put over $2 million dollars in the pockets of women athletes since our inception.
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