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Elizabeth Montavon

12/20/23 10:37 AM Sponsorship

Top 4 Highest-Paying Sports for Women in 2023

A comprehensive look at the top 4 highest-paying women’s sports in 2023! From Golf's impressive earnings to the thrilling strides in Tennis, Basketball, and Ice Hockey, we explore the triumphs and challenges in closing the gender pay gap. Join us as ...
12/4/23 4:01 PM Brand Marketing

The Top 10 Moments From Parity Week

Join us for a recap of Parity Week by Gainbridge®, a celebration of women's sports with Billie Jean King, Annika Sorenstam, and Lyn St. James. From empowering discussions to exhilarating tennis and golf events, discover the top 10 moments that ...
8/18/23 10:00 AM Athlete Spotlight

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Woman Athlete?

Challenging a 2021 claim that women athletes don't deserve equal pay, this article delves into the deep financial contributions and influence of female athletes on their sport's microeconomy. By spotlighting the expenses they shoulder and the ...